Western Upper Peninsula Waterfalls

The Upper Peninsula is home to more than 300 waterfalls ranging in size from 5 ft to 50ft in falls.  Most require hiking to get to but with well kept hiking paths the hike is just as enjoyable as the falls themselves. Below is a glims of a few waterfalls the U.P. has to offer while staying here at Big Snow Resort. 

Gabbro Falls   

 Located just a 1/2 mile from Blackjacks parking lot, this is a great first stop to your day adventures.  Gabbro Falls has 2 different access points that give you two very different but unique views. One route is a 5 min walk up the river to get a stunning view from below the falls. The second is a 30 sec. walk from the road that perches you on top of the falls to see the crashing water below. 

Hike Distance -  Less than 1 mile    Google Map  


Manabezho Falls

   Located on the beautiful Presque Isle River in Porcupine Mt. State Park.  With a 25 ft. drop its the largest waterfall on the river. From parking lot to Manabezho Falls its only a 1.7 mile hike.  This trail is very well kept wooden walk ways and decks on key look out points.  Along the way you will pass 3 more water falls, then end the hike on the shores of lake Superior so make sure you pack a lunch.

Hike Distance - 1.7 miles   Google Map    Along Presque Isle River Loop Trail


Rainbow Falls

   Located on the Black River and only a 1/2 mile walk. Take in the scenery, once parked at Black River Harbor the hike to the falls starts with a suspention bridge. It's about a 15 - 20 min walk to see the very photogenic 20 ft waterfall.  This falls has the option of seeing the falls from both sides but must be desided before your adventure.  No safe place to cross the river.  While on your way out make a stop at Copper Peak, one of the only Ski Flying hills in the US.

Hike Distance - Less then 1 mile    Google Map    Black River Harbor

Gorge Falls & Potawatomi Falls

  Both of these falls are accessible by the same parking lot with about a 1/8 mile walk you will find yourself at the base of Gorge Fall, a 25 ft waterfall.  Just another short walk and you will be at Potawatomi Falls with an impressive 30 ft drop.  These falls are along the same road as Black River Harbor so make sure to pull off and take a quick look.  

Hike Distance - Less than 1 mile    Google Map